Who benefits from
the RYSEN?

I’m a Therapist

You are a Physical Therapist or Gait Specialist looking to advance patient treatment outcomes.

Day-to-day, you strive to deliver the best patient care through discovering and applying the latest diagnosis and therapy tools. For you, making training more effective by monitoring, evaluating and optimizing treatment is a priority.

But often this isn’t so simple.

Conventional therapy equipment can restrict you and your patient – hindering freedom of movement, causing strain, and opening up a greater risk of further injury.


How the RYSEN helps you:

The RYSEN is your solution for 3D all-directional bodyweight support. Unlike other supportive devices, it minimizes interference with the patient’s voluntary movement and creates unrestricted natural training conditions – in a controlled environment.

  • An earlier start with supported rehabilitation: set up a therapy program quickly and easily with the RYSEN’s intuitive interface
  • Patient-tailored functional therapy: adjust assistive forces via the RYSEN based on the patient’s movement proficiency
  • Improved patient safety and outcome: Allow the patient to perform natural overground gait, balance and transfer training hands-free with a remote device and integrated fall prevention

I’m a Patient

You are seeking the best solution for supported gait or balance rehabilitation due to a condition or injury.

Whether you are recovering from a stroke, an amputation or a spinal cord injury, your top priority is to regain your quality of life as fast and fully as you can.

But often, traditional therapy is dependent on active external help and manual support. Great pressure is put on both you and the therapist, which, together with repetitive training can also lead to psychological exhaustion and physical strain.

Medical innovation offers the solution to take leaps forward in your road to rehabilitation. So how far can science-based treatment take you today?


How the RYSEN helps you: 

This industry-leading, certified technology offers you earlier rehabilitation training through greater freedom of movement and integrated fall prevention. This means you can move naturally, with various levels of support depending on your therapy requirements, exercising safely at your optimal challenge point, so both you and your therapist can focus on what matters the most: your recovery. 

  • Earlier rehabilitation, true-to-life training conditions
  • Rely on safe & certified technology
  • Stay motivated, and enjoy therapy

This is why you should always ask for rehabilitation centers that offer the RYSEN as your therapy system.