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All-Directional – Natural – Assist‑As‑Needed

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Discover the RYSEN

Get to know the new rehabilitation innovation: a next-generation 3D bodyweight support and all-directional assist-as-needed to improve locomotor activities of daily life.

The RYSEN offers therapists and patients the opportunity to train functional locomotor activities in unrestricted and natural conditions – both for clinical and research purposes. Its technology combines adjustable vertical bodyweight support with horizontal and vertical assistive forces, maximizing a patient’s freedom of movement, engagement and recovery results.

Who will you help with the RYSEN?

The RYSEN system is intended for patients with disorders affecting locomotion, who are not able to perform rehabilitation training without bodyweight support. These disorders may be the result of various clinical conditions, including but not limited to stroke, spinal cord injury or amputations.

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What makes the RYSEN so special?

The RYSEN’s features and functionalities enable you to focus on what matters most: providing the best therapy. Unlike most other bodyweight support systems, the RYSEN’s highly innovative technical design combines vertical and horizontal assistive forces, offering an intuitive therapy setup with unprecedented freedom of movement in natural conditions. Following the motor learning principles, the RYSEN covers critical ground for clinical and research purposes, allowing patients to transition into daily life activities by safely exercising at their optimal challenge point.

Learn more about the benefits the RYSEN offers both therapists and patients:

3D Overground Bodyweight Support

The RYSEN’s all-directional adjustable forces and bodyweight support provide unrestricted freedom of movement, allowing patients to perform overground gait, balance and transfer training in a natural, upright and hands-free manner, throughout all stages of therapy.

Broad Variety of Functional Locomotor Activities

The vertical unloading and horizontal assistive forces can be personalized to each patient’s needs, increasing their range of trainable activities on one device. Control the RYSEN with its intuitive handheld device, and exercise a broad variety of functional locomotor activities without interrupting therapy, like: sit-to-stand, balance, walking, turning, obstacle avoidance, and climbing stairs.

Unrestricted Natural Training Conditions

The RYSEN’s exclusive overhead system removes any sideway limitations and minimizes interference with the patient’s voluntary movement. Uncoupled degrees of freedom provide same-system performance within the entire workspace, and the calibrated horizontal and vertical assistive forces match the desired bodyweight support. As a result, the RYSEN offers the most natural walking and gravity dependent interaction on the market.

Safe and Certified

The RYSEN is the first device of its type to achieve Class IIa status according to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. The mechanical design provides an intrinsically safe interaction through uncoupled degrees of freedom. The software offers automatic fall detection, safety stops and soft virtual walls to safeguard against involuntary movement.

Versatile Overground Gait and Balance Research

When conducting research, your gait lab will also hugely benefit from the RYSEN’s dynamic and adaptive force control in order to create unique interactive environments.

Take a closer look

The RYSEN offers advanced mechanical engineering, innovative design and technology, reliability and safety. Discover why the RYSEN is your first choice in overground gait and balance rehabilitation. Click on the different features to learn more.

Extensive Workspace

This spacious area, defined by a high-quality rail system, is fully accessible by both the RYSEN’s operator and the patient.

Required room dimensions*:
Ceiling height: 3.0 m – 5.0 m (118.1” – 196.9”)
Room length: 5.0 m – 13.5 m (196.9” – 531.5”)
Room width: 2.4 m – 3.5 m (94.5” – 137.8”)

*Subject to change. Please contact us for the most up-to-date room requirements and system dimensions.

3D Bodyweight Support

The advanced design provides adjustable upward, forward and backwards forces. Technical innovations ensure the split of velocities and forces as much as possible between different motors: slow/high-torque motors for vertical motion and fast/low-torque motors for horizontal motion.

Reliable Safety Features

The RYSEN is the first device of its type to achieve a European Class IIa status. It safeguards patients through:

  • Automatic fall detection
  • Virtual walls to restrict involuntary movement
  • Manual stops

Dependable Safety Harness

A high-quality safety harness available in three different sizes provides optimal support. Two versions of leg straps are available:

  • Leg straps (35cm/13.8″ and 50cm/19.7″) often preferred by women
  • Leg loops which ensure close fitting to the upper leg often preferred by men

Operator Console

The stationary operator console offers general system control, a graphical user interface for patient data management and a safety stop.

Remote Control

The system-dedicated remote control allows the operator to position close to, or at a distance from the patient while selecting exercises, increasing or decreasing the unloading forces, or safely stopping a session. This means the therapist can adjust the training to the patient’s needs – without interrupting the therapy.

Who benefits from the RYSEN?

Who developed the RYSEN?

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